Some course not show in dashboard

I have a problem that some of my courses are not showing up in the dashboard ( even though I have enrolled admin account. the only way to find it is to click on explorer courses ( does anyone know why this happened?


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By default, your dashboard will only show the courses you have been enrolled into, regardless of whether you are an admin or not.

In Studio, however, you will see all the courses if you are an admin.

So, what you are experiencing is the default behaviour.

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Thanks for your response but I have enrolled but the course is still not showing in dashboard even with an admin account (course has start date, and is public)

This is very puzzling, @KTB ! Could you share:

  • a screenshot of what you see on your Dashboard
  • a screenshot of your Studio courses list
  • a screenshot of the Studio > Schedule & Details page for the course you’ve enrolled in and are expecting to see?

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