Suggested timetable for the virtual conference

In the last Friday meeting (19.02.2021) for the conference planning we came up with a timetable and would like to hear your feedback before we finalize it.

This timetable foresees a one-day event consisting of a keynote and 8 talks spread over 2 tracks. In between and at the end there will be a 30 minute break, which can also be used as socializing time (a virtual meeting room will be provided for this time).

The third track will be an open space, which will be open for the whole duration of the event and can be used for socializing.

The following screenshot visualizes the proposed timetable for easier understanding:

Feel free to join the Marketing Meeting upcoming Wednesday the 24th of February. We will discuss this also there.

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks for posting this, @abstract-technology! Bear with me as I ask some questions that might have no answers, yet:

So, is the idea that each take about 30 minutes? And since we’re talking about a very small number of talks, is there going to be the usual RFP, or some other process?

Will this be self-organized, somewhat like BOFs? Or will there have to be RFPs? For example, I’m thinking of helping to organize an adhoc VR space on some cross-platform app, and would like to see a show of interest in advance of the conference - and if the idea were published somewhere “official”, it would get more eyes on it.

Finally, have you given thought to including AmA’s, in some way, shape, or form?



Thank you @arbrandes for your questions!
We are still in the process of discussing all these issues and details. So far we have only worked out a rough timetable and wanted to hear some opinions to that idea.

The keynote and also the normal talks will not be longer than 20 minutes. After each there will be questions and discussions in breakout rooms.

For the Talks we will first write to the speakers who applied for the conference last year. If we do not find enough speakers and topics, we will start an RFP as usual.

We have not yet discussed further the format of the Open Space in the third track. That is definitely still a topic on our list.

I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to attend the next Meeting on Friday and share your thoughts and Ideas. We would be more than happy.

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@abstract-technology Thanks for posting about this! Have you had a chance to see the post I’ve made with suggestions for a different approach for the online format of the conference?

Currently, aside from the shorter timeframe it still looks pretty much still like a direct transposition of the offline format online, no? Ie centered around traditional talks on Zoom, for the whole day?