The Url's after tutor deployment are not working

I have installed the tutor in my virtual machine server and after installation I have got the urls which are not working. I have binded my machine ip address with the public ip(nothing is running on this ip currently) and then i added the public ip value to my subdomain ( but the tutor is not running on this domain. can someone explain why is the tutor not running ?

Your original screenshot shows that your DNS had not updated yet, it likely just needed some time to propagate through as it looks to be showing now:

Non-authoritative answer:

Right now I’m getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error for your site meaning either your Tutor instance is not running, or a network configuration issue, or a firewall configuration issue. As far as I can see only port 22 (SSH) is open on your IP right now, so those should be some good things to look into first. You might find that your VM host provider might have it’s own firewall, and your VM operating system might have it’s own firewall. If you have difficulty configuring these consider opening a ticket with your host provider (assuming you’re using a cloud host) as they’d usually be able to direct you through their procedure or do it for you.