Tutor plugins and the upcoming Olive release

Hi @tutor-maintainers! As you probably know, the Olive release branch will be created tomorrow. It will then be our job to upgrade the different Tutor plugins, get them to work with Olive and report any issues to the BTR working group.

In particular, we’ll need to upgrade the MFE plugin fairly quickly such that testers can actually use the learning frontend during the two months prior to the actual release.

I would like to know if some of you will not be able to find the time to upgrade their plugins in the coming weeks? Can I help, or would you rather just step down of your maintainer role? Feel free to reach out to me by PM.

I’d also like to take the opportunity and make a call to the rest of the community: we are still looking for developers to take on the role of maintainers for a few repositories. See the list of open positions here: Tutor maintainers

Thanks everyone!


As a mainter of forum, in regard to the ruby version in cs_comments_service, it’s using 2.5.7, hence the below two refs:

However ruby 2.5.7 has reached its EOL and does’t get security update hence (refs: ruby-lang.org and endoflife.date). The only supported sub version of ruby 2 is 2.7.

Since the tutor-forum is based on cs_comments_service, should we ask relevant maintainers of the project about the ruby supported version?

Secondly, in regard of MFEs, there has been an initiative to create a base image which is supposed to work with the default/basic configuration without requiring it to rebuild (relevant issue). The issue I think is blocked until runtime configuration is finished (relevant issue). However doing a quick look it doesn’t seem default MFEs support it yet, given to use this new feature MFEs supposed to use frontend-platform >=2.5 which doesn’t seem to be the case.

Put it in other words: will the runtime configuration be shipped in MFEs?

Yes! Please do.

I too am eager to merge this runtime configuration feature in Olive, or even in Nutmeg if possible. @Felipe @dcoa can you comment?

Hi @regis, I’d be pleased to collaborate with the maintenance of the tutor-notes plugin.

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I’ll make sure to test that cookiecutter-tutor-plugin can generate a plugin that works when installed into Tutor’s olive branch. I’m pretty sure I can do this within the week.

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