Unable to add edx-sga Tutor 15.0.0 & 15.3.1

Hello. I’m trying to integrate edx-sga and earlier I was able to integrate it with my openedx instance. But following the same steps, I’m not getting ‘staff graded assignment’ in advanced options. Steps that I followed -

  1. I’ve cloned the edx-sga to tutor/env/build/openedx/requirements. (o/p dir - edx-sga)
  2. I’ve added -e ./edx-sga/ on my private.txt
  3. I’ve run tutor images build openedx --build-arg EDX_PLATFORM_REPOSITORY=<repo.> --build-arg EDX_PLATFORM_VERSION= <branch.>
  4. I’ve run - tutor local start -d
  5. I’ve added “edx-sga” in Advanced Module List

Result - not getting staff graded assignment option in Advanced option while adding a new course component.
I’ve done the same thing, and able to add my custom xblock, which is showing as expected. But not edx-sga.
Am I missing anything?

Also there’s a private-sample.txt, which has an example of adding like
git clone repo
echo “-e ./xblock-Demo/” >> private.txt
Which doesn’t work. So I had to manually clone it inside the requirements dir.

Small typo. You need to add "edx_sga" to the Advanced Module List. It’s an underscore, not a dash.

See GitHub - mitodl/edx-sga: Staff Graded Assignment XBlock for the edX platform

I could be wrong, but I don’t think it requires a custom installation any more. IIRC, it’s part of the standard Tutor install. (We really should update the documentation).

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My bad! Thank you so much. I was wondering how could that be if myxblock shows up but not edx-sga. :grinning: