Core Contributor Rights Expansion: Braden MacDonald

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54 , I am nominating to extend @braden’s commit rights to include the frontend-app-course-authoring repository.


Braden has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the full Open edX stack, from the backend to XBlocks to MFEs. He is currently championing several projects within Modular Learning, and the Course Authoring MFE is the primary UI for this initiative. Being able to merge code into this repo will help these projects progress.

Prior work

Braden’s authored and reviewed contributions to Open edX are legion, so here’s a few recent highlights from his contributions to Course Authoring and the Open edX frontend:

Comment Period

Please provide any feedback on this change by 2024-06-20. As it is a limited scope change, it’s a short review period.


Absolutely. +1 from me.

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My :heavy_plus_sign: is here!

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:+1: from me.

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+1 without reservations.

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I, and the members of group:2u-tnl, fully support this nomination.

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I vote yes to this.

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I vote yes

Well that was a no-brainer :smile: Congratulations for getting your CC rights extended, @braden ! Please start onboarding when you’re ready.

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