Coding CC Rights Expansion: Carlos Muniz

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54, I am nominating myself to extend my commit rights to include the openedx-atlas, openedx-translations, repositories, and openedx-webhooks,.


As part of the prototype for OEP-58, I created openedx-atlas and openedx-translations for the new Translations Management system. With the full implementation of OEP-58 looming, having Core Contributor rights to these repositories is the right path forward to keep in line with the values of the Open edX community.

I would like access to the repository so that I can continue to write Translations and Translations Management related documentation.

Access to openedx-webhooks will allow me to continue my contributions in fixing and adapting our webhook utilities.

Prior Work

The Review period will be a week long, and will end on 2022/12/13.

Thank you!

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I’ve already been deferring to @cmuniz on all matters translation, so I wholeheartedly vote in favor of this expansion. +1

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I’m really excited that Carlos wants to take on some documentation ownership!!

His work on the translations infrastructure done for OEP-58 has been excellent and it should be continued - and will soon need a maintainer… :slight_smile:

openedx-webhooks is a pile of code I’ve only tentatively waded into. Carlos has learned a ton about it and is actually able to explain it which I can’t do!

All’s said, +1 for me for all these repos.

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Here here. OEP-58 was a joy to review, exemplifying all the C’s in the CC program. It was also clearly articulated, proactively inclusive, and far-reaching.

I’m all for @cmuniz expanding his CC role to include everything translation-related, and look forward to seeing his further contributions on to the documentation and webhooks.

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Sounds like a great idea to me too :slight_smile: :+1:

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:+1: from me as well. Carlos has done an amazing job learning about the current state of translations and using that to suggest some major improvements that I’m excited about.

On the side he’s done a great job reviewing (many, many PRs) and has helped produce some great concept docs around how the translations process will work at a high level.

For openedx-webhooks, Carlos dove into this repo very early on to help transition the CLA bot from the old list of CLA users to the new list. Since then he’s help think through new changes and been a great help reviewing in that repo.

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This is great. I’m very happy to see Carlos jumping in the wagon of more and better documentation.
A big yes to the expansion of the CC rights. I believe Carlos has earned those by dedication and good work.

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Thank you everyone for the votes!
With 6 yes votes, my CC Rights will be expanded.
I really appreciate the support of such an active community.

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