Coding CC Rights Expansion: Peter Pinch

Following the path outlined in OEP-54, I’d like to nominate myself for commit rights to the edx-documentation repository.


I have written the release notes for the past two releases of Open edX and I am currently drafting the release notes for the upcoming nutmeg release. Having commit rights would facilitate this work, leading to better and more timely release notes. It would also make it easier for me to coordinate and review documentation contributions from others in the Open edX community.

Prior work

Please provide review comments by April 25th.
Thank you!


Definitely! I actually thought you already had those rights, since you need it to do the documentation work around releases. :slight_smile: :+1:

Yes from me please :+1:

Oh my goodness, yes, by all means. :+1:

Great idea, thank you @pdpinch for taking this initiative! :+1:

yes I’d love to endorse that effort :+1:

Yes! Thanks for all you do! :+1:

Yes, thanks for taking this on! :+1:

Thanks folks. I believe I have passed the audition. :grinning:

@sarina what are the steps to make the necessary settings? Can I open an issue in Issues · openedx/tcril-engineering · GitHub or is that for someone at TCRIL to do?

Peter! Yes! Please create that issue, using the “Github request - access” ticket template.

Done! [GH Request] Peter Pinch - expand access to edx-documentation repo · Issue #255 · openedx/tcril-engineering · GitHub