Coding CC Rights Expansion: Peter Pinch

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54 , I nominate to extend my own – that is to say, @pdpinch’s – commit rights to include the repository.


I wrote the release notes for the lilac, maple, nutmeg, olive, and palm releases. I’m passing on this responsibility with the quince release to @feoh, and it would be helpful for me to be able to merge his work.

Prior work

Please provide any feedback on this change by 2023-12-19. As it is a limited-scope change, it’s a short review period.


A hearty +1. Can’t think of a better case for core commiter rights. We should’ve nominated you ages ago. :slight_smile:

Agreed! :+1: from me as well!

You have been doing a great job with the release notes @pdpinch. I vote yes to the changes that make your work easier in this area.

Definitely :+1: too! I also can’t believe you don’t already have those rights. :slight_smile:

Absolutely :+1:

I also support this nomination :+1:

I forgot to actually open the issue: [GH Request] Peter Pinch - expand access to repo · Issue #1039 · openedx/axim-engineering · GitHub