Coding CC Rights Expansion: Cristhian Andrés García

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54 , I nominate to extend @Ian2012 commit rights to include the event-routing-backends repository.


Cristhian has been a massive contributor to the Aspects analytics work, and this repo is a cornerstone of that project! We’re frequently expanding which events event-routing-backends handles and fixing bugs in there pretty frequently, so having more CC help there is most welcome.

Prior work

Cristhian authored over 125 commits to the openedx org in July alone. His work has been consistently high quality, and I’m excited to help him carry that on in new realms. You can see more in his initial CC thread here: Core Contributor Nomination: Cristhian García - #7 by mgmdi

Please provide any feedback on this change by 2023-08-10. As it is a limited scope change, it’s a short review period.

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Big yes vote. I’m so happy to see the pace of progress with Aspects.

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YES! Thanks folks for the hard work!

Huge YES from me too. @Ian2012 's work is critical to the success of Aspects.

:+1: Cristhian has been a big contributor to the Aspect work.

:+1: from me, more committers on event-routing-backends will be super useful and @Ian2012 is a great choice given the other work they’ve been doing.

Thanks all, with 5 yes and 0 no votes this passes and I’ll take care of creating a ticket to update the permissions!