Core Contributor Nomination: Cristhian García

Dear Open edX Community,

I am writing to nominate Cristhian García (@Ian2012) for the role of Open edX Core Contributor, specifically as Code Contributor for the OARS project. I strongly believe Cristhian possesses the qualities, skills, and dedication necessary to make significant contributions to the Open edX project and its community!

About Cristhian

Cristhian has been actively involved with Open edX since 2021, demonstrating a strong technical background. He possesses expertise in Python/Django, AWS, Terraform, and Kubernetes, along with proficiency in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Notably, he’s developed Open edX plugins and XBlocks, showcasing their ability to extend the platform’s functionality. Additionally, he has experience operating large-scale Open edX instances. Here’s some of his work regarding the Open edX project:

He’s been working on the OARS project for some time now, consistently demonstrating his commitment by actively contributing to discussions, providing valuable insights, and assisting other community members with his expertise. His consistent engagement reflects his genuine passion for improving and advancing the new analytics solution for the Open edX project.

Here’s some of the work he’s done in those areas:

By nominating him, I believe we would be adding a valuable asset to the Open edX Core Contributors team. His expertise, dedication, enthusiasm, and collaborative nature will contribute to the continued growth and success of the project.

I kindly request that you carefully consider Cristhian for the position of Open edX Core Contributor. If you need more information or references, please reach out to us! :wink:

As per our custom, the nomination period will be open for two weeks, closing on June 12.

Cristhian has the commitment of her employer to contribute 20h/Month.


Absolutely :+1:

@Ian2012 's contributions to OARS have been invaluable so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.

This is fantastic, and I wholeheartedly vote yes to getting him on board. He’s been absolutely invaluable and tireless in the OARS work. I would have nominated him myself, but I’m not actually sure what repos to ask for since we’re in the middle of sorting out combining OARS with Cairn which will likely change the repo landscape significantly.

I’d suggest these to start off with and we can modify as necessary as time goes by:

@mgmdi what’s the end of the comment period for this nomination? :slight_smile:

I edited the post adding the missing info :wink:

I’m so happy to see @Ian2012 nominated for CC. I enthusiastically vote yes.

What a great job @Ian2012, this is definitively a yes.

Since we have 5 yes (including mine) and not a single no. Congrats @Ian2012! You can now follow the steps specified here:

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