Coding CC Rights Expansion: Jillian Vogel

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54, I’d like to nominate @jill to extend her commit rights to include the [CC Analytics] Github team (Sign in to GitHub · GitHub), which currently allows write access to 10 repositories (most of which Jill already has access to).


Jill has been working on the new OARS analytics project, and write permissions for new analytics repositories for that project are being managed through the “CC Analytics” team, reducing the burden of managing the various repository permissions separately going forward. The overall desire is to move all analytic repository permissions to this team over time.

Prior work

Jill has done a great deal on the platform over the years, and specifically in the analytics space. Please see this previous post for some relevant examples. Note that this change would supersede that one as the individual repository permissions would become redundant.

Please provide any feedback on this change by 2023-02-09 as it is a limited scope change, it’s a short review period.


My whole-hearted plus one. I’m sure Jill’s contributions to analytics will be excellent and useful to all of us!

+1, I’m so glad to see Jill taking a big role in driving analytics forward!

Fully support this nomination :slight_smile:

Absolutely yes to this. There is so much work in the analytics space that I’m happy to see Jill pushing forward with it.

:+1: I support this!

Not being a Code Contributor, I am not sure if I get a vote when expanding Commit Rights. But if I do, it would be yes because I’ve dealt with @jill and analytics a few times over the years.

I gotta say, it’s so lovely reading all of these endorsements!
Thank you everyone :blush:

@jill Is one the best person in the community to handle analytics work – I know that whenever I have a question on that topic, she’s the one I’ll talk to. :stuck_out_tongue: So definitely +1 :+1:

By universal acclaim this is passed and I’ll add Jill to the CC Analytics team. Thanks all!