Core Contributor Nomination: Gábor Boros

As per the Core Contributor Nomination Process, I would like to nominate @gabor to be a core contributor with merge rights to the new k8s-harmony repo.

Gábor’s first community contribution to Open edX was in September 2020. Since then, he has:

Of particular relevance to this nomination for the Harmony project are his work on Tutor, deployment in general, and also the fact that he is the maintainer and one of the main developers of Grove, which is our open source app for managing containerized deployments of Open edX that integrates with Tutor and soon, with Harmony. He also worked on containerizing our internal infrastructure and on our open source helm charts. So he has a lot of relevant expertise.

Conduct and Caliber

Gábor is an experienced and capable developer, with great communication skills, and he has shown great collaboration skills within our team and with the broader community.


As a member of OpenCraft, Gábor would be committing to 20 hours / month.

Comment period ends: 3 May 2023


I have been working alongside @gabor in the k8s-harmony project and I have seen first hand how capable and experienced he is. Strong yes from my to this nomination.

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100% yes. @gabor has a lot of knowledge and experience in the area of containerization and k8s. He is an open source enthusiast with attention to quality and detail, and a great person to work with! I’m sure he’ll be a very valuable core contributor.

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I also support Gabor’s nomination – his expertise in this area and his great communication skills will make him a great core contributor.

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That’s a strong resume, :+1: from me!

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@gabor always does great work! It will be good for the Open edX project to have him as a core contributor, focused on contributing to the Kubernetes/Harmony project and the Large instances DevOps working group. A lot of good should come out of this - I’m looking forward to it! : )


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Enthusiastic :+1: from me! @gabor’s work is top-notch, his recent focus on operations and infrastructure will make him an excellent contributor to the Harmony project.

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Given the references, it is a +1 for me.

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