Core Contributor Nomination: Pierre Mailhot

Hi all,

I am extremely excited to put forth @sambapete of the Centre de Pédagogie Universitaire, Université de Montréal as a nominee for two core contributor roles:

  1. Translations reviewer, fr_CA
  2. Quality Assurance (QA), Open edX Named Releases

Pierre has been part of the Open edX community since September of 2014, and has had a live site up and running since May 4th, 2015 (running on Aspen!). He has worked on translations since as long as I’ve known him, always finding bugs and being extremely helpful. He is a member of the Translation Working Group, as well.

Speaking of finding bugs… Pierre’s a pro at it! He is really good at testing and finding edge cases, and has helped test multiple named releases already. He’s been a member of BTR for some time now.

Pierre would be the first CC in a dedicated QA role. The role is already defined, with the following responsibilities:

  • Test the following areas and produce actionable issue reports, following up with coders needing clarification, retesting, etc.
  • Test new features prior to or immediately after release, including accessibility and internationalization aspects
  • Test out/exercise named releases
  • Test and review documentation of features, both new and existing features (maintenance work)
  • Test and review release notes.

Now, this is more than one person alone can do. But I’m hoping that Pierre will help tremendously in the CC capacity, and hopefully help find and attract some others to the QA role.

The Centre de Pédagogie Universitaire, Université de Montréal has committed 20h/month will be reserved for Pierre to carry out his Core Contributor duties.

This nomination post will be open for two weeks (April 21st).


Thanks for the nomination @sarina

Now that I have the commitment from my employer, I hope I will be able to participate even more in the community.


Here’s my unequivocal :+1: for @sambapete. As far as I’m concerned, he’s been core contributor for years in all but name! Will be glad to have you on the roster, Pierre!

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+1 @sambapete has my vote.

Pierre’s posts in this forum or questions in slack have saved me countless hours of pain!

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+1 from me as well.

@sambapete has been finding bugs in releases for basically as far back as I can remember. Glad to see some recognition for all the hard work so far!

:bug: :firefighter:


Pierre’s insights and contributions in the Translations Working Group have been invaluable. I haven’t been around long enough to speak on his work in QA, but from his activity in this forum and his contributions on GitHub, it is clear that he is dedicated to this project and this community. I look forward to seeing more of his contributions now that he will be able to participate even more in this community!

He has a :+1: for me !

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It’s been great to see Pierre at conferences over the years, and this past sprint he was so instrumental in helping me onboard as part of the BTR-WG for test coordination. He was the first CC (of a number of CCs of course) who quickly volunteered their internal test plans and shared his knowledge with me whenever I needed it, so elegantly and fluidly.

For what it’s worth, I vote yes.

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@sambapete I’m so glad you were able to resolve the administrative hurdles on this! :smiley: You have been one of the longest and most committed contributors who are core to the project, and it’s great that we are finally able to provide you with the proper title and rights which goes with it.

A definite heartfelt :+1: to your nomination :slight_smile:


A huge :+1: for Pierre! I’m glad he can finally be part of the Program, after so many years of contributions :tada: Kudos!

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Another huge +1! Thanks Pierre for the great contributions so far!

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Yes please, it is about time & we really need your help.

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And one more +1 from me!

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Ohh, definitely! A big yes from me. Welcome to the core contributors program @sambapete.

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No doubt it’s a +1, your participation is really valuable for the community!

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Yes @sambapete ! Your operational knowledge, contributions to release planning and debugging, and history with the platform are irreplaceable. Looking forward to seeing you again in Lisbon!

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you everyone for your input! I’m pleased to announce that @sambapete is the latest addition to the Core Contributor program :tada:

As a reminder, runbooks for Core Contributor onboarding and offboarding are here: - Pierre, go ahead and check out the Non-committer runbook and make sure you’ve got those things completed. As the administrator, I’ll go through the Administrator runbook.


Thank you @sarina. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I accept to be part of the Core Contributor program.

I would also like to thank the colleagues from the Open edX Community who gave me their support through the nomination process. It was greatly appreciated.

Now I believe I have an introductory message to write somewhere if I can find the thread again.