Core Contributors Sprint - Retrospective - June 10-26th 2023

Here is the report for the core contributors sprint from June 10-26th 2023. I’m covering for @Dean on this edition :slight_smile:

Time contributed (2 weeks sprint)

A total of 330 hours have been contributed by 20 participants. The average is:

Core contributor Hours contributed
Adolfo R. Brandes 60
Juan Montoya 60
Kyle McCormick 50
Andrés González 20
Esteban Etcheverry 20
Maria Grimaldi 20
Matjaz Gregoric 15
Braden 12
Zia Fazal 9
Ali Hugo 8
Xavier Antoviaque 7.75
Jill 7.25
Felipe Montoya 7
Pierre Mailhot 7
Ignacio (Nacho) Despujol Zabala 5.5
Cassie 5
Farhaan 5
Piotr 4
Fox 3
Gabriel 2.25
Kshitij 2

And a reasonably productive sprint, though half of the respondents rated it 3 out of 5, or less:

Blockers & improvements needed

  • Yes! I’d love it if the community could vote on the poll I created to Confirm Core Contributor Sprints: Confirming Core Contributor Sprints - #12 by Cassie . Once we’ve confirmed this we can align our various resources, and tools (like Listaflow sprint check ins) (Cassie Zamparini)
  • Would be useful to make progress on the topic of PR review delays, comments would be helpful to take good decisions - Pull Requests Review Delays (Xavier Antoviaque)

What went well?

  • Aspects development is proceeding well, huge thanks to Brian Mesick and eduNEXT’s Cristhian Garcia and Maria Grimaldi! (Jill Vogel)
  • Glad to see discussions about the CC program sprint process. Kudos, Cassie Zamparini! (Jill Vogel)
  • And we had 3 successful CC nominations this month! Posted about them on Contributors Meetup Async Update - May 31st, 2023 - June 23rd, 2023 - #2 (Jill Vogel)
  • Collaborating with Régis to make sure the ecommerce plugin on the Palm Demo server was functional (Pierre Mailhot)
  • Important discussions held during the core contributor meetup (Xavier Antoviaque)
  • Special thanks to Stefania Trabucchi and Nicole Kessler for all the activity and engagement before and during the event. :slight_smile: (Juan Montoya)

Work done


  • Getting frontend-app-communications and frontend-app-ora-grading into Palm, getting frontend-app-learner-dashboard and frontend-app-library-authoring in an experimental but usable state in Palm, via openedx-tutor-plugins (Adolfo R. Brandes)
  • Keeping up with developments in frontend theming (Kshitij Sobti)

Product & UX

  • Coordinating a meeting on 6/13 with stakeholders from ASU, Axim, 2U, and OpenCraft to discuss how we’ll move forward with Graded Discussions. Jenna, Aamir and Elizabeth will write a product spec for the MVP that will meet minimum requirements for ASU, as well as deliver value to 2U. Once the spec is finalised I can begin working on the UX. (Cassie Zamparini)
  • Coordinating possible overlaps with OpenCraft’s LTI 1.3 Centralization and Reusability v2 with other community projects (Cassie Zamparini)


  • Reviewed and answered all the questions from the woocommerce plugin documents (Felipe Montoya)
  • Tested and approved a bunch of Aspects (FKA OARS) PRs (Jill Vogel)
  • Reviewed couple of OARs related PRs 304 and 301 and one Palm fix (Zia Fazal)

Release & testing

  • Collaborated with Régis to make sure the ecommerce plugin was working with Palm on June 12 / June 13 (Pierre Mailhot)
  • Rebasing our fork of Open edX and trying an upgrade of one of our test instance from Olive to Palm on June 14 / June 15 (Pierre Mailhot)



  • Reviewed some translations for fr_CA in Transifex (Pierre Mailhot)

Documentation & training

Meetings & events

  • Open edX Meetup - June 2023 edition (rehearsals with speakers, coordination, MC and recording) MWG (Esteban Etcheverry)
    • Presented the progress of the Unidigital project at the eventbrite meeting (Felipe Montoya)
  • Attendance to the emoocs 2023 conference as part of the group representing Open edX (Juan Montoya)
  • Answered questions on (Jill Vogel, Xavier Antoviaque)
  • Working groups meetings

Plans for next sprint

  • I plan to set up interviews with a handful of Core Contributors to get their feedback on the processes the group currently follows (Ali Hugo)
  • Reviewing Aspects PRs, and may have time to do some Aspects dev too (Jill Vogel)
  • On vacation from Jun 16 to July 02. Only available one week for the next sprint (Pierre Mailhot)
  • TOC Meeting (delayed from previous sprint), Upstreaming course (test recording & write instructions) (Xavier Antoviaque)


And response rate remains constant at ~40% responses:

The detail and raw data are available on the report page for this sprint in Listaflow.

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