How can I lock graded assignments?

Hello everyone!

Recently I installed Nutmeg using the tutor as per this documentation. All is working fine. I have one requirement to lock graded assignments. The user needs to upgrade the course to access graded assignments.

I check this feature is available and they have locked graded assignments. You can see the below screenshots.

Lock Assignment message

How can I enable this feature in my setup?

I checked all waffle flags but didn’t get any solution.

Please let me know if anyone has enabled this feature.

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It looks like you need a way to provide verified-only course content, graded assignments in your case.

Open edX Studio allows you to define content groups (content you can assign to a group of enrolled users). Such groups are created automatically for each enrollment track / course mode defined for your course (honor, verified, …)

Official documentation page: 12.2. Offering Different Content to Different Learner Groups — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

You can view or create content groups under Studio > Your course > Settings > Group configurations menu

You can assign units to groups in Studio > Your course > Course Outline page:

  • For verified-only course units, find the unit you wish to hide from non-verified learners in the course outline page.
  • For verified-only components (assignments mixed with free content in the same unit for example), open the unit editor and look for the components you wish to hide from non-verified learners.
  • Click on the settings (:gear: cog icon)
  • Under Restrict access to choose Enrollment Track Groups. A checklist should appear with all available enrollment track groups.
  • Check the verified group then save the settings.

Screenshot of unit settings in the course outline

Screenshot of component settings in the unit view


Thanks @ARMBouhali

I tried it and it’s working, but in my case, LMS side restricted unit is completely hidden. So users can not identify something that is blocked.

For example, I created a Final assessment for the Verified enrollment track. It’s hidden for Audit enrollment track users. Is there any option to show the content blocked banner as per the below screenshot?

So Audit enrollment track users can realize some content is blocked and needs to upgrade course for access content.

Please let me know if there are any settings for content blocked banner.

I can find in edx-platform’s code some trace about “locked graded assignments” (a feature called content type gating), but I can’t find the text you displayed in your edX screenshot.

I tried to add a ContentTypeGatingConfig entry in django admin for a single course but it didn’t work for me.
I’d be glad to know how this feature works if it’s still supported.

Meanwhile, @Mahendra you can create manually an alternative unit with a similar message in HTML “graded assignments are locked”, then restrict it to the “audit/honor” enrollment track group.

@Mahendra what you are looking for is called Feature-Based Enrollment (FBE). I’m trying to configure it according to this post How to enable feature-based enrollments - FBE, and by looking at the LockPaywall component in frontend-app-learning’s codebase.

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