Is it possible to make nested classes where one is a subset of the other, but their progress is linked?

I’m running a pure online free training program. In order to make material more accessible for people before they know whether they care about a given topic or not, I want to make a version of the class which just includes intro modules from a larger class, so that people can skim through quickly to see what kind of stuff is covered. Then if they want to take the class, I’d have a medium-content version which has the same intro modules for sections, but also includes the deeper material. And then I’d have the full-content version of the class for people who want to be experts in the area.

My question is whether it’s possible to link the material between classes, so that first someone completes say 5 units from the minimal class 1, and then when they start the 20 unit class 2, it already shows them as having completed the overlapping 5 units?

(Would this perhaps be possible via cohorts where all cohorts have access to the level 1 material but then only the full & medium cohorts have access to the medium material, and only full to full? If so, how could students actually change themselves between cohorts (rather than requiring an instructor to change them?))

Post-holidays bump, in the hopes that someone might reply…

Hello @oedx
I see two ways you can accomplish this:
1- Having each section in a different course and linking the courses with the course prerequisites feature. In this approach, the first course will only have the basic stuff, the second one will have the medium content and will need the learner to have completed the first course and the last course will have the rest of the in depth content and will require the learner to have completed the second course.
Since you can control the enrollment to each course independently, you’ll be able to configure access to the courses as you see fit.
2 - Using an approach similar to what you mentioned with cohorts, by applying access restrictions to the medium and advanced sections of the course. you can configure the restrictions based on content groups and cohorts (but there currently isn´t a way for a learner to change the assigned cohort without the instructor intervention - a custom functionality would have to be built for this) or you can do it with enrollment modes (in this case, the basic content can be accessible to learners in the audit track, and the advanced content can be accessible to learners in the honor or verified tracks) You can use the ecommerce application for a learner to buy the upgrade from the audit track to the honor/verified track.

I hope this helps.

I’m not sure a prerequisite-based approach achieves the goal. I.e. you can think of the material as being grouped like:

(a -> b) -> (c -> d) -> (e -> f -> g)

Level 1 would be just like a + c, for people who just want a basic overview of a couple topics that the instructor chooses.
Level 2 would be (a + b) + (c + d) for going deep on those two topics.
Level 3 would be a through g for covering all material on all topics.

So here it wouldn’t make sense for someone to take (a + c) and then (b + d), since the natural order would be a, b, c, d. It only makes sense to watch a + c when you’re not going to ever bother watching anything else.

Furthermore, what I’m really getting at here is that I’d have other classes which would reuse a + c or a + b + c + d, and if you ever did a + c in any class anywhere on the site, I’d like them to show up as already being watch when you go watch some other class that has a + x + c + y + z.

As for “tracks”, I had thought that would work, except that the track names don’t really make sense in my level 1/2/3 context. Sure, level 1 is basically “audit”, but level 2 and level 3 of detail aren’t really “honor” or “verified”. Is it possible to change track names or create new “tracks” with my own names?