New Core Contributor Nomination: Fayyaz Ahmed from Edly by Arbisoft

Dear Core Contributors,

I am glad to put forward @Fayyaz_Ahmed from Edly as a Core Contributor in the role of QA!

As you may know, Fayyaz has been working hard as a member of the Test Team. In fact, he has performed the most test cases for the last two versions of Open edX, and he is one of the leaders of testing so far for Palm too. It could be said that testing would not have gone so well if it were not for Fayyaz, and testing is something we all depend on.

Would you please join me in welcoming Fayyaz by casting your vote to include him in the Core Contributor program?

I’m excited to see where else Fayyaz will be able to help out!

Well, over to you, what do you think team?


Thank you for the nomination, Dean! I truly appreciate it. And a big thanks to @Zia.Fazal for helping me get started with this.
I’ve had the opportunity to be the lead tester for Olive and Nutmeg, and I’m looking forward to continuing that for Palm and future releases!
I would love to participate in testing as well as other activities in the open edx community. I will try to improve test plans and assure the quality of upcoming releases.


Yes, Thanks @Fayyaz_Ahmed for helping Test team during Nutmeg, Olive and Palm release testing.

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I support this nomination. Thanks @Fayyaz_Ahmed for helping us in testing Palm, Olive and Nutmeg.

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Happy to see more members from the testing team join the core contributor program :slight_smile: I support this nomination.

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@Dean , could you update your post to clarify which role you’re nominating @Fayyaz_Ahmed for? Perhaps the QA role?


Thanks for making the release process better each time! I support this nomination :slight_smile:

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Thanks you, Kyle. Done.

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I’d like to add my vote in support of this nomination as well. :+1: Fayyaz’s contributions over the past year have been quite consistent.

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When is the nomination period ending for this?

Hi @sarina

I think there is a 14-day nomination period if I’m not mistaken. This is now closed and Fayyaz has received enough votes (5+).

We may begin the onboarding process if you agree.

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Runbook for how to do next steps is here: