Core Contributor Nomination: Glib Glugovskiy

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to nominate Glib Glugovskiy, @GlugovGrGlib on GitHub, as a new core code contributor with access focused for now on the credentials domain.

Introducing Glib Glugovskiy

Glib is a software architect at RaccoonGang who has been focused on designing and implementing shareable verifiable credentials capabilities into the Open edX platform.

The comprehensive documentation of the design is available in the wiki and was predominately authored by Glib.

That documentation served as a starting point for several Architectural Decision Records that were merged across multiple projects:

His work has also included identifying externally supported libraries to supply key functionality and pushing changes we require upstream, feat: provide context loader for json-ld methods by GlugovGrGlib · Pull Request #8 · spruceid/didkit-python · GitHub.

Implementation is currently underway and Glib’s nomination is supported by the maintainers of the credentials projects. Adding a core contributor to these projects who is actively advancing the functionality will allow us to reduce contribution friction.

Access sought

Coding Core Committer rights on the following repositories:


As is typical, Glib would commit to contribute 10% of his time to do core contributor work focused on learner credentials.

Comment period

For this nomination to pass, Glib needs 5 positive votes and no unaddressed objections by 3/30/2023: two weeks from this posting

FYI: @Glib_Glugovskiy @Kelly_Buchanan


:+1: Happy to support this! We don’t have any core contributors to these repos at the moment (please correct me if I’m wrong) so we will need to sort out some lines of communication, but this will be a good push for us to do so!


:dancer: :man_dancing: whoohoo!

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I’ve reviewed some of his work and it looks great, big :+1: from me!

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I support this nomination as well! :upside_down_face:


I’ve reviewed his work, :+1: from me as well.

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Glib’s work is very professional, this is a huge contribution to the community!
:+1: from me.

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:+1: from me as well. :smile:

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We have 5 votes, not including my nomination and no objections :fireworks:

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Thank you very much! I am excited to continue contributing to the Open edX in new and meaningful ways.