Core Contributor Nomination - Yagnesh Nayi

I would like to nominate Yagnesh Nayi @Yagnesh as a new core contributor focused on translations & reviews of translations. Yagnesh has been fully dedicated to serving as a reviewer for the Translation Working Group, with a particular focus on the Hindi language. I’m pleased to report that he has successfully completed the transition to Hindi, achieving 100% completion rates, before the project moved forward as part of OEP-58.

Additionally, Yagnesh is an active member of the DEPR WG, consistently contributing through numerous pull requests that have been successfully merged.
He also actively engages in various activities related to the Open edX community, including participation in forums, events, and virtual meetings.

Recently, Yagnesh expanded his involvement to include maintenance and frontend tasks, which he has already begun significantly contributing towards, dedicating over 90 hours/month.

Yagnesh is committed to continuing to support our community’s efforts and is eager to explore further opportunities for collaboration and contribution. Kindly support his nomination!

The voting period begins today and ends on April 4th.


Given his niche, my vote is for Yagnesh! All the very best :slight_smile:


@Yagnesh You have my vote as well. Thank you for all of your contributions to the project. You have enhanced our translation/review efforts significantly!

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Awesome @Yagnesh you really deserve it. +1 from me :blush:


@Yagnesh has been doing a great job to taking chipping in in multiple places. :+1: from me.


Thanks @Yagnesh for all your energy and support. You quickly helped me resolve multiple translation failures before the jobs moved, and I imagine you’ll continue with the same energy. +1 from me


big :+1: from my side

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Yagnesh is active in the forums and his contributions and dedication can be seen. +1 From me.

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+1 from me too! Glad to see you progressing through the ranks @Yagnesh :smiley:

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I have seen @Yagnesh make good contributions to the project and getting more responsibilities. which is super welcomed. I would also like to vote yes on this.

I do have a question to make sure I understand correctly. The access being requested is to be an official CC on the transifex resources specifically for the Hindi language, is this correct?

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@Felipe Yes you are right, and I also want to be involved in CC related frontend and DEPR but I think to get this field I will contribute more to the community there.

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@Felipe yes, this nomination is just for Translation CC (go Yagnesh!)

I know Yagnesh would like to also be a coding CC at some point, but currently, this is not the nomination.


:+1: from me, @Yagnesh 's work on DEPRs is much appreciated, I am sure he’ll contribute quality translations too.

I think the only thing missing from this nomination is the number of hours @Yagnesh (or ManpraX) plan to contribute each month – I assume he’s not committing to 90h! :smile:

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@jill Thank you for your vote. :blush:

I can confirm that the number provided is correct. However, it’s important to note that while numbers provide a metric, they do not solely determine my efforts and contributions. I believe in quality, impact.

Additionally, I want to add: I am actively involved across various facets of the Open edX community. I participate in all Open edX-related activity, and my company fully supports and Allocated me and give me responsively to fully participate in OpenedX contributions.

With the references given my vote is also +1

I agree @Yagnesh :slight_smile:

I asked because the CC nomination process says nominations should include the candidate’s espected commitment. Most organizations pledge 20h / person / month.

Your 90h is very generous, thank you! :smile:

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@jill, I have a keen interest in Open edX, and I am committed to doing my best in related work in the future. Additionally, since Open edX is open source, even if I don’t have core contributor, I can still collaborate with others in various working groups (WG).

@ehuthmacher it looks like the voting period is ended, and over 5 current core contributors have given input. Is @Yagnesh ready to begin the Core Contributor onboarding process? I don’t think I’ve seen an incoming ticket.

If you haven’t had a chance to do so, please see the next steps in the runbook!

@sarina I have forwarded the onboarding instructions to @Yagnesh for completion.

@sarina & @ehuthmacher I think I have already completed this process.If I have misunderstood something let me know. We can also chat on Slack.